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Nancy C.Hanger, editor

I strongly see that the future of publishing lies in the electronic word—it is only a matter of time for e-books and e-publishing to overtake the printed page. The merger of these two technologies is where the future lies, and we must be ready for it. (Amazing — I wrote that in 1999, and people laughed at me back then!)

Nancy C. Hanger is an editor/consulting editor/book designer who began her career in publishing in 1983 with major Boston-based publishing houses, while freelancing for New York & West Coast publishers in her copious spare time. She went freelance full-time in the early 1990s, when she decided that commuting in the Information Age was a stupid idea. Nancy has a Bachelor's of Arts in Literature & Psychology, and attended Simmons College in Boston, MA, for a masters in Children's Literature.

She specializes in genre fiction (including SF and fantasy, children's, mystery, historical, and military) and Internet technology books, and has worked in both editorial and production capacities for various NY publishers for more than 25 years.

She has been the production manager for Baen Books (dist. by Simon & Schuster), handling all their book production needs, as well as designing & typesetting their titles in both hardcover and paperback. Nancy works with expertise in InDesign and Quark on both the PC and Mac platforms (as well as Pagemaker), and is a certified Adobe specialist.

She has been a management consultant for Internet portal companies in the development of online communities, including Excite Corp. and implementing AOL's one venture into running an open-Web platform for Virtual Places.

Not limiting herself to editorial and production work, Nancy is a published author. Her latest book is The First Year: Lupus—A Definitive Guide for the Newly Diagnosed (Marlowe Publishing, Sept. 2003), a patient-expert title for lupus patients, both new and long-since diagnosed, and caregivers for those who suffer from this all-too common autoimmune disease. She agreed to write it for Marlowe's “First Year” series after being diagnosed with lupus-related conditions in the 1990s, knowing that 1 in every 10 people know someone with lupus—and too much is still unknown about the condition.

Her first cowritten/developed book is the Internet World Guide to Essential Business Tactics for the Net (with Larry Chase), one of the first books to delve into marketing and business on the Net, setting precedence in the field of Internet business and research.

Nancy has been a monthly columnist for BYTE magazine ( (otherwise known in its online publication as simply, writing on a plethora of technological issues in her column, “While Working...”

Press contacts regarding writing, please note: email contact is preferred rather than phone contact during working days. Nancy will get back to you by email promptly regarding press releases on products you wish her to review or otherwise comment on.

She is currently director Windhaven® — which contracts prepress production & editing from mainstream publishers; aids self-publishing authors with both editorial development & printer consultation, typesetting, and design for production of their books; and e-book creation and conversion — working from her offices in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire.

Her past & current clients include (this is not an exhaustive list): HarperCollins,  
St. Martin's Press (Tor Books),  
Penguin USA,  
Time-Warner Inc.,  
John Wiley & Sons,  
Morgan Kauffman Publishers,  
Byron Preiss Visual Publications  
(and their subsidiary, General Licensing Corp.),  
Learning International, Inc.,  
(a Times-Mirror Company),  
Baen Books,  
Avon Books 
Bookspan (formerly: Doubleday Book Clubs) 

  She has been the research associate with Leonard Wolf for Plume Books/Penguin USA's series of Victorian annotated horror novels, most particularly for the The Essential Frankenstein & The Essential Dracula (both 1993, NAL/Plume), The Essential Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1995, NAL/Plume), and The Essential Phantom of the Opera (1996, Plume) for which she also served as consulting editor. Buy any of these now directly through Windhaven! 

She lives in the “countrified” Northeast with four cats (Dawn, Natasha, Josh, and Spike); and upwards of 10,000 books (which live in a converted barn/library/weaving studio). Here is a press photo of her. 

She occasionally enjoys speaking of herself in the third person. 

She is an advocate of privacy on the Internet; you can download her public PGP encryption key, as well as some light reading about PGP, if you feel so inclined. 

The editor speaks:  
I prefer to work using electronic media (editing in Word), which many of my clients use exclusively now, but I still use good old red pencils and style sheets for others—the world may be changing, but the publishing world is always a few years behind the trend in current technology: some traditions only change slowly. 

However, I strongly see that the future of publishing lies in the & #8220;electronic word”—it is only a matter of time for e-books and e-publishing to overtake the printed page. The merger of these two technologies is where the future lies, and we must be ready for it.

All contents, unless otherwise noted, copyright © Nancy C. Hanger, all rights reserved. No reproduction in any form, including electronic, without written permission of copyright holder. Windhaven® is a registered trademark (#75756527) in the United States.

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