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Samples of Our Work:

Windhaven has designed, typeset, and prepress produced hundreds of titles since 1983. A very small sample is represented below. Please ask us for specific samples in the genre of your choice, and we will send or FTP them to you as soon as possible. Editorial samples are also available upon request.

Some titles we have edited or designed/produced that might interest you include books by such authors as: Mickey Spillane, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Stephenson, David Weber, Neil Gaiman, John Ringo, Roger Zelazny, Stephen Coontz, Andre Norton, Issac Asimov, Ray Bradbury -- we have handled over 1,000 books overall since our inception.

Below, click on thumbnails for larger versions (covers) or to access PDF samples (interiors).







      We're Indians, Sure Enough (Saorsa Media)

      Mr. Red Sox (Rounder Books)

      When Venture Capitalists Say "No" (Comanche Press)

      Golf Links (Rounder Books)



Fiction & Poetry:





      Poems of André Breton (Black Widow Press)

      Portion of the Sea (Penmark Publishing)

      A Mankind Witch (Baen Books)

      Chanson Dada (Black Widow Press)




      for The First Year: Lupus -- A Definitive Guide for the Newly Diagnosed (Marlowe Publishing)

      samples of ads for Baen Books (dist. by Simon & Schuster)



What We Do | Who We Are | Samples of Our Work

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