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Minutiae & Other Frivolities


 Online Literature 

An ongoing project from Windhaven Press to present "mindscapes" of literature on the Web. 

The first project: "The Outsider", by H. P. Lovecraft, is one of the Victorian horror writer's best short stories. Presented here with a soundscape and illustrations to guide the reader through the experience. 

 Specially posted for Halloween 1997 

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Virtual Places 

One of the best time-sinks on the Web! 

Chat realtime with other people who have this software, using avatars as graphical representations. The software integrates with a Web browser (warning: you'll need MSIE installed on your machine, even if you choose Netscape as your browser of choice), then you can travel around the Web conversing with others who are in the same virtual community. You can even take "tours" with other avatars, conversing the whole way as you paint the Web red. 

The program is licensed by a number of companies right now, and all the communities are separate, but can be reached by changing the "community server" option in your VP menu. All 2.1 servers use the same software. 

  • Visit Editrix's Sanctuary page, a quiet place I created for people to congregate, with chat rooms set up with ambient music embedded. The Literary Salon has been updated for VP ver. 2.1, and I may start up some author chats again if it tickles my fancy. Find us there late at night in the abbey crypt. 
  • Visit DaVinci's Exile, a community of VP literatti on the Excite VP server. We have built it ourselves since 1997, and have our own bulletin board and even our own birthday card service. Check out all the links from the main Exile page!
 VP 2.1 software from Excite  
    Server address in VP: 
    This is a 6,000+ member community most evenings as of mid-1998, and still growing. The policy of free speech is mostly obeyed, which leads to some amount of anarchy from the kids and adults-who-act-like-kids. The Ignore button is sometimes a handy thing to have. All in all, a great group of people and a fun place to be. There is a schedule of regular chat events, including literary chats, posted on the Talk home page - check it out. 
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Photo Album 

An old-fashioned photo album of Windhaven Press, the owners, the cats, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Have fun perusing. 

And a family photo taken in 1913 of four generations of Hanger men, from eastern Washington State. If anyone has further information about this branch of the Hangers, I'd love to hear from you. There is very little recorded, and the family record-keepers disappearing fast in this generation. 

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The Weaving Draft Project 

A Call For Fiber Artists on the Web 

I would like to hear from other weavers on the Web who might be interested in a round-robin of draft patterns. I will post them here and begin a collection of favorite original drafts donated from all over the Internet world. So far I have heard from a number of weavers, but haven't had any drafts sent to add to the page. Come on, folks! If you would like to send them by snail mail and have me post them, that can also be arranged. Let's get some participation going! 

Anyone interested in contributing, send me e-mail: 

Remember, we can only post original drafts: don't violate any other weaver's copyright! 

I seeded the collection: click HERE to go to the first weaving sample. 

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Publishing Credits 

The First Year: Lupus—A Definitive Guide for the Newly Diagnosed
by Nancy C. Hanger. 

Available September 2003 from Marlowe Publishing; in bookstores everywhere.

I was asked to write a "First Year" guide by the editor of the series, who had been looking for a professional writer who was intimately familiar with this autoimmune disease. Having been diagnosed with lupus-related syndromes in the 1990s, I felt obliged to try to help those looking for information about this all-too common disease, which carries a cloud of mystery and misdiagnosis. One in every ten people know someone with lupus—do you?

Read more about this book, and peruse a chapter or two, here.

Internet World Guide to Essential Business Tactics for the Net
by Larry Chase, with Nancy C. Hanger. 

Available June 1998 from John Wiley & Sons (Computer Publishing division). Buy two, they're small! 

I was the developmental editor/writer/researcher for this project for Larry Chase, and can boast that this is a rather good book. My name is not on the cover, but will appear on the inside title page and may be listed on the various cataloged sites and reviews due to the substantial contributions I made to its development and content, depending on politics and the weather. 

 Nevertheless, a major ghost-development/writing project for myself, and one that I am proud of completing. 
 The Monster's Legacy
by Andre Norton.  
Available now from Atheneum; a hardcover Witchworld book by Norton, edited by myself and Keith R. A. DeCandido of Byron Preiss Visuals. 

Not only a nice feather in our caps, but a damn fine book, too. Beautiful design; good story. We even got our names ("edited by") on the copyright page. Buy two--they make great gifts! 

The Essential ... series
edited by Leonard Wolf

from Penguin USA can be ordered or found in bookstores everywhere. I was the research associate and consulting editor for this series (i.e., I researched, wrote, and edited most of the footnotes with Leonard Wolf), and wrote the backmatter for many of them. 

I highly reccomend these as books everyone should have in their home library. Classics with understandable, clear annotations and good references and bibliographies. The Phantom is  a very good translation, truer to the original French by Leroux than anything I've ever seen, including Leroux's rather unique usage of the present tense and italics in a past-tense narrative in order to bring a sort of cinematic quality to the story. Like scenic closeups. 

The Essential Dracula, © 1993, Leonard Wolf, Editor, Plume Books/Penguin USA 

The Essential Frankenstein, © 1993, Leonard Wolf, Editor, Plume Books/Penguin USA 

The Essential Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, © 1995, Leonard Wolf, Editor, Plume Books/Penguin USA 

The Essential Phantom of the Opera, © 1996, Leonard Wolf, Editor & Trans., Plume Books/Penguin USA 

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Alexandria Digital Literature 

Where you can find all the best books you haven't read ... yet 

This is a project with which I am involved, and I can recommend more highly than any other online publishing/book venture. The online digital Librarian use "collaborative filtering" technology to recommend books and stories to you based on your personal tastes - you may find the experience a bit spooky, as if the Web engine is "psychic." 

Come meet the Librarian, tell her your tastes in books and stories, and see for yourself:

Alexandria Digital Literature is contracting with authors to put their hard-to-get stories in their digital library, so you can buy them electronically, and download them to read on your screen or laptop, on your PDA, or print out and read that way. These stories are for sale in the Marketplace, and they add new ones every week. 

Oh, and the best thing about it? The recommendations are  free. 

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The National Hospice Organization (NHO)
The Zen Hospice Project 

Working with  the Manchester (NH) VNA/Hospice is close to my heart and one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. Any of the sites listed above are good place to start your journey, if you would like to know more about hospices in general--all hospice programs are a little different, but all are based on the same ideas and general programs. Check out your local if you're interested, and take their volunteer course. You will find that we can learn more from those who are dying, and their families, than you ever dreamed. And give more than you ever dreamed. 

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One of my favorite subjects, and a not-so-secret passion of mine: good coffee. I live in a Starbucks-less zone of the country, and so have to mail order my addictions (my husband refers to my habit of taking coffee catalogs to bed as my reading "coffee porn"). 

One source of happiness I've found is in communicating with other caffeine addicts on Usenet: ALT.COFFEE being the best of the newsgroups I've encountered so far, although occasionally some of the other groups rise from their caffeine-induced manias to put in some good points on coffee creation and consumption. 

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Some Other Places to Visit 

Lotech's page - which is still being peripetetic. Links when it arrives. When it does, hang onto your hats. He's good. Been too long since he's been on the Net, dang it. 

Science Fiction publishing pages, such as Debra Doyle and Jim Macdonald's (of the Mage Wars books, from Tor). 

SFF- Net has more pages of both authors and editors in science fiction. They also have some very good links to related information. 

    If you are an aspiring writer or artist in the science fiction/fantasy field, or just a fan, this is the place to go. Be seen. See others (well, read them). Hang out. Get tips from pros. This is my free advice on starting in this field - and a serious tip.

All contents, unless otherwise noted, copyright © Nancy C. Hanger, all rights reserved. No reproduction in any form, including electronic, without written permission of copyright holder. Windhaven® is a registered trademark (#75756527) in the United States.

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